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For over 27 years in Washington County, Nebraska – WC Real Estate…

For over 27 years in Washington County, Nebraska – WC Real Estate has been locally owned. We do things the right way, not the easy way! Looking for a Realtor that knows Washington County so you can make a mistake free move? Whether buying or selling in Washington County, WC Real Estate Realtors are professional and well trained, make it simple and most of all don’t surprise you with flat fees of $250-$995 on top of commissions.

As a real estate BUYER you shouldn’t be paying flat fees of $250-$995 to your agent as the seller pays commission and then the  commission is split between sellers broker/agent AND buyers broker/agent (yes the buyers agent gets paid by seller paid commissions). The buyers agent representing YOU is already getting paid and now the buyers agent wants YOU to pay them more! DON’T fall for this gimmick! In our opinion, this should be disclosed up front with the agency agreement that the state of Nebraska provides. Unfortunately the Nebraska Real Estate Commission doesn’t feel agents need to disclose this up front. WE disagree, this is not right and we want to educate YOU the buyer that this is happening.

As a SELLER: You should not be asking what the agents commission percentage is… YOU should be asking what have you sold in Washington County and if they have even sold anything, then ask what is your list to sale price. If its below 95% then an agent charging 7% versus 4% will actually net you more money in your pocket. Ever hear the saying… “You get what you pay for”? Last but not least ask the agent if they have an independent title company or if they use the title company that there broker owns?

Want to work with a professional company that doesn’t charge surprise fees? Realtors who will be in Washington County to answer all your questions before, during and after you buy or sell?
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