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The Top Ten Reasons Your Home/Acreage May Not Sell in Washington County!

10. Agent over-promised and under-delivered.

9. Agent was too busy with their other “day-job”.

8. Agent did not have their REALTOR designation.

7. Agent did not want to hurt your feelings and tell you the truth about your price.

6. The house was not completely “staged” for sale.

5. Agent went into treatment for doughnut and caffeine overload, and never came back.

4. Uncle Bob who obtained his real estate license 17 years ago is not a full-time
practitioner, and is not current on pricing, marketing, contracts, real estate law, and prefers
grooming dogs anyway.

3. After listing your home, agent loses your address and phone number and could not find it

2. House is too close to the San Andreas Fault.

And the #1 Reason Why Your House May Not Sell is …
WC Real Estate Didn’t List it the First Time!