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SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! AUCTION – May 9th! Rental Properties being sold as a package…

SOLD!  SOLD at Auction! Thinking of buying or selling? Want results? WC is the leader in Washington County Real Estate! Listed and SOLD by Korene McCandless, she can help you too... Call KORENE today (402) 427-3819 WC Real Estate... We SELL Everything!    

WC Real Estate welcomes Charise (Thallas) Timperley as new Realtor…

WC REAL ESTATE Welcomes Charise Timperley Kevin Kermeen broker/owner of WC Real Estate is pleased to announce Charise Timperley has joined the Blair brokerage office as a REALTOR. The key to success “for both clients and our brokerage” is to work with a capable agent who knows and understands the real estate market, is a good listener, hardworking, honest and able to get the job done well. Charise has all these skills and more.
Charise has been a Blair resident since 1980 and currently resides in Lakeland. She will specialize in representing buyers and sellers of homes and acreages in Washington County. Charise has two children, one grandchild, enjoys spending time with family and golfing. Ready to buy or sell? Call Charise Cell Direct: 402.650.2451 Charise Thallas Timperley WC REAL ESTATE... We SELL Everything!

Homes for Sale by Owner: 5 Reasons Why FSBO Sales Fail

Homes for sale by owner, or FSBO, transactions are commonly seen in seller's markets or whenever homeowners want to maximize their profits by not having to pay commission. A home sale by owner option sounds like it could be a pretty sweet deal for the seller. After all, if you're doing the work, you'll walk away with the most money, right? Well, maybe not ...

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Statistics show that selling your home with the assistance of a professional real estate agent will garner you a higher profit, enough to cover the commission as well as put more money in your pocket. According to the National Association of Realtor®'s 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the average FSBO sales price was $185,000, while the average price for a home represented by an agent was $245,000. That's a difference of $60,000! Houses for sale by owner leave a seller to do the negotiating. You'll be relying on your own skill to finalize a contract, leaving yourself open to potential legal problems and a smaller profit when all is said and done. Here are some of the top reasons why for sale by owner homes can cause major headaches.

1. Marketing your home online isn't as easy as you think

Buyers always start online, and "for sale by owner" sellers are unlikely to get the exposure they need on a number of listings websites to reach their audience, says Realtor® Wendy Hooper with Coast Realty Services in Newport Beach, CA. Sticking a sign in your yard or trying to pull off some DIY social media marketing hardly has the same effect. How an agent can help: Using an agent automatically offers widespread exposure for your listing through the multiple listing service. Your real estate agent will also have the means to promote your house to fellow agents to share with their clients. FSBO sellers would have to shell out big bucks for advertising and still might not reach the most important audience.

2. Homes for sale by owner could be priced wrong

Those who put their homes on the market as FSBO tend to set a price based on an online assessment tool or the lofty sum that the neighbor down the street claims they were offered—two methods that are liable to put the listing price way off. "Using a free online valuation tool is like bringing your doctor a printout of your Google search about symptoms and possible cures,” says Jon Sterling, a real estate consultant with Keller Williams Realty in San Francisco. “There’s no substitute for actual market knowledge.” The danger in overpricing a home is that it will languish on the market, and buyers will wonder why, even if you lower the price later, says Mark Ferguson, a real estate agent with Pro Realty in Greeley, CO. "The home becomes stigmatized, and buyers are likely to pay a lower price when the home has been on the market an extended period of time,” Ferguson says. How an agent can help: A real estate agent will provide an accurate home value based on a comprehensive market analysis to help you arrive at the right listing price. The goal is to make sure you’re pricing your home in the sweet spot—not too high so that you are turning off potential buyers, and not too low so you are leaving money on the table.

3. You could underestimate (or overestimate) how much money to spend on curb appeal

“A novice home seller is unlikely to view their home objectively or know how to stage it to appeal to the broadest audience,” says Hooper. That means you might be turning off potential buyers with an amateur paint job, an overgrown yard, or even a broken doorbell. On the flip side, if you're trying to make the home sale by owner option work, you might end up investing far more money than is needed. Hooper had sellers who were convinced they had to totally overhaul their 35-year-old kitchen and floors to the tune of about $50,000. Instead, she advised a $10,000 investment for paint, staging, and minor repairs, which still netted $45,000 above their target price. How an agent can help: Even if you’re not up for a full home makeover, your agent has an eye for detail and can recommend simple, budget-conscious swaps that can translate into real dollars when it comes negotiation time. “We know how to spend the least amount of money to get the best outcome and home presentation possible,” Hooper says.

4. Showings are a drag

FSBO sellers don’t realize how draining it can be to set up showings. And on top of scheduling actual potential buyers, you also have to deal with both looky-loos (gawkers with no intention of buying the house) and “sharks,” (investors looking to flip your house for a profit). "Sellers who advertise their FSBO will quickly be inundated with calls from real estate investors who are looking to save the same commission the seller hopes to save,” Sterling says. Unfortunately, typically these offers are very low and could likely lead to no sale. How an agent can help: Your agent will handle all the scheduling and staff the tours for you, so all you have to do is quickly tidy up and vacate. In fact, that is another key reason to have an agent: Buyers can get uncomfortable with a seller hanging around during the showing, says Ferguson. Agents also will weed out unsuitable offers and collect feedback that potential buyers might be unwilling to share directly with the seller, which can make subsequent showings even stronger.

5. Preparing your own paperwork can be tricky

Unless you have a background in contracts or law, you might want to leave the paperwork to the pros. The closing process can entail more than 20 pages of complicated paperwork, including the contract and addendums designed to cover all of the situations that could go wrong, says Ferguson. For example, houses built before 1978 require an addendum regarding lead-based paint and some states need a release confirming the presence of carbon monoxide detectors. How an agent can help: Your agent will take care of all property disclosures and corresponding documentation to avoid future liability. “If the seller does not use an agent and doesn’t know every law and required paperwork specific to their community, they open themselves up to lawsuits,” warns Ferguson. Cathie Ericson is a journalist who writes about real estate, finance, and health. She lives in Portland, OR.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection

By being proactive and investing in a pre-listing inspection a seller can enjoy many benefits. The inspection can help the seller avoid surprises and identify and prioritize the list of concerns buyers will see or become aware of. But what about sellers who don’t necessarily want to know what is wrong with their house? The larger items found on a pre-listing inspection will almost always also be found by the buyer’s inspector. Take the guesswork out of what “could be” found. A timely heads up for a seller helps everyone involved. A pre-listing inspection allows time to get estimates for the potential work needed, so a realistic cost of repair is clear. In some cases knowing the potential work needed according to a professional third party also helps the seller understand a realistic asking price for the house. Sellers and listing agents can avoid scrambling to find contractors and paying top dollar for repairs done specifically as requested by the buyer in a short time frame. In many cases a qualified contractor can make the needed repairs just as well as, but cheaper than, a licensed plumber or electrician. Help market the listing with a “Pre-Inspected” sign in the front yard and the Home Inspection report on the kitchen counter. Buyers appreciate the proactive and professional characteristics that a pre-listing inspection gives a listing. In many real estate markets around the country it is considered part of the normal process of listing a house to get a pre-listing inspection because of the benefits to everyone involved.


Who will be completing the contract forms, negotiating the offer and looking out for YOUR interests as a buyer or seller?
The contract (and many addenda attached there to) contains the agreement of Buyer and Seller, stating representations and promises to be performed by each of the parties.
o Do I need earnest money?
o What happens to the earnest money?
o What if the check does not ‘clear’?
o What if the Buyer changes his mind, after signing?
o Why an option period?
o How much should be deposited?
o How many and what kind of inspections?
o What are the time limits for all inspections?
o Once inspected, what are the parties’ choices?
o How do I know what financing options there are?
o How do I get qualified and approved for a home loan?
o What if the Buyer is not loan qualified?
o What if the Buyer does not have enough money?
o What if the Buyer’s Credit Report reveals credit issues?
o How long will it take to obtain financing?
o What interest rate / points?
o What happens if the Lender cannot provide the interest rate stated in the contract?
o How much are the Closing Costs?
o What if the Lender’s appraiser does not substantiate “value” of the property?
o What if the Lender requires “repairs”?
o Who will pay for these repairs?
o How will these repairs be made?
o What if the Lender rejects the property?
o What if the Buyer’s verifications are not returned?
o What if “conditional” approval is issued and these conditions cannot be met?
o What if the Lender does not approve of the survey?
o What happens if flood insurance is required?
o What about easements on the property?
o What if the loan is not approved within the time stated in the contract?
o What happens if a title commitment is not issued to Lender?
o What if the title search discovers ‘title problems’?
o What if property insurance cannot be found for property?
o What happens if Buyer objects to the title exceptions of insurance coverage?
o What happens if the Lender objects to the title exception of insurance coverage?
o What happens if the Closing Date is not met?
o What if the Buyer is unable to provide information needed?
o What if the loan documents are not acceptable to Buyer?
o What if the loan documents are not acceptable to Buyer’s attorney?
o What if the Underwriter has requirements?
o What if termite certification is required?
o What happens if the Lender delays the closing?
o How do I get a CLUE report?
o What if the home is not insurable?
o What if there are too many insurance claims on the property?
o What if the loan is not timely funded?
o What if the loan documents and closing papers are not prepared in time for the contract closing date?
o What if Buyer and Seller disagree about the closing costs charged on the Closing Statement?
o What if the Buyer wants to move in prior to signing the Closing papers? Prior to the Seller receiving his or her monies from the Closing?
o What if the Buyer’s “Lock-In” interest rate expires PRIOR to the closing?
o What about Residential Service Contracts ‘excluded items of coverage’ after closing?
o What if the Buyer objects to closing because of his walk-thru?
o More seriously, what if the Buyer’s home fails to close and their loan was contingent upon selling their home?
o What if the Seller needs to do a lease-back after closing?
As you may have read, there are many pieces to a real estate transaction that must be put into place to reap the final rewards of a Closed Sale. Marketing your home for sale by owner to the buying public and/or looking for your new home for sale by owner is an involved process in itself, plus coordinating and understanding all of today’s legal requirements of transferring title in a real estate sale.
The general public has no idea how many hours a Realtor spends on each transaction. All our local WC REALTORS® are trained and qualified real estate professionals who take pride in their ability to coordinate and move a real estate transaction from the “listing,” “marketing,” and “contract negotiating and pending” process to a SUCCESSFUL Mistake Free CLOSING!
Ready to hire a professional? Call the local experts at WC Real Estate... 402-426-2600, agent on duty 7 days a week.

AUCTION – May 9th! Rental Properties being sold as a package…

AUCTION - May 9th! Rental Properties being sold as a package... More details and pics...

Renting a home, apartment, acreage, small farmhouse?…

Its time to stop renting and CALL a WC Realtor today! We have lenders that have no money down home loans. Do you have $250 for a earnest deposit? Let us help you buy a home today. Call for a FREE no obligation consultation!

Community Scholarships offered to Washington County Schools…

LOCALLY OWNED: WC HAS GIVEN BACK TO WASHINGTON COUNTY FOR 25+ YEARS. Our local profits don't go back to Omaha, they are reinvested in the county our broker/owner lives in (Washington County)... WC Real Estate announces they will provide 4 scholarships to graduating seniors from each respective Washington County School below. One will be awarded to Arlington High School, one to Fort Calhoun High School and two to Blair High School (community scholarship and a farm division scholarship).
Graduating seniors... check with your guidance counselors for more information about the WC Real Estate Scholarship opportunities! Please share this If you know somebody graduating this year from the above schools! Locally owned WC Real Estate - There IS a Difference!

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