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Buyers Guide

Buyers: You can pay more… But WHY?

  • Decision to purchase a home
  • Real Estate Brokerage selection, select one that doesn’t charge $225-$995 surprise flat fees ON top of the commission the seller pays them.
  • Realtor selection, select one agent and be loyal to that agent.
    (They only get paid when they sell you a property)
  • Initial counseling interview
  • Lender pre-approval
  • Home search
  • Home selection
  • Write the offer to purchase agreement
  • Negotiation with seller
  • Contract is agreed upon by both buyer and seller
  • Mortgage application

o   Appraisal
o   Credit report
o   Verification of assets
o   Verification of employment
o   Arrangement of inspections
o   Radon
o   Septic
o   Well water
o   Other

  • Mortgage approval
  • Good faith estimate of closing costs
  • Satisfaction of contingencies
  • Title commitment received and reviewed
  • Pre-closing inspection
  • Obtain homeowner’s insurance
  • Transfer of utilities
  • Closing / settlement
  • Move-in
  • Send referrals to your WC Realtor

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